Our Sunday morning worship service begins at 10:00 am.  

Here is what we hope you see as you worship with us:

  • We love and value the Bible. The Bible isn’t just an interesting book but it is the Word of God. We begin and end our service with the reading of Scripture. We primarily preach through books of of the Bible.
  • We love and value singing. Singing together is not just a formality, but a way of encouraging each other and reminding ourselves of the truth of God’s Word. We don’t always sing well, but we sing to the best of our ability. We sing old songs and new songs, fast songs and slow songs. Sometimes we use a piano, sometimes a guitar, sometimes drums and sometimes no instruments at all. Singing together as a church is not about performance or “being good singers” but about coming together in praise of a good God!
  • We are broken people depending upon the gospel. The message of the gospel is this; God the Son comes close to us, stepping into our broken and sinful world taking our sin and brokeness upon himself at the cross and rising  from death he conquers death, sin, hell, and Satan and gives us his victory. The gospel is the air we breathe. It is our hope. It is our strength. It is our future. We seek to reflect the gospel in our words, songs, and sermons. Each Sunday we gather together as a family for a meal (the Lord’s Supper) that reminds us of our dependence and hope in the gospel.
  • We love and value each other. The church is not a building or a time when we meet for a service. The church is people. We aren’t just a group thrown together by a common interest or a common cause, we believe church is  a family who loves, supports, helps, and encourages each other.