Fields of Hope: Christmas With Ruth

In the weeks leading up to Christmas we will be studying the book of Ruth. We'll spend four weeks (one for each chapter in Ruth) seeing the goodness of God in the midst of a dark time. 

What does the book of Ruth have to do with Christmas? 

The simple answer is a lot. The events of the book of Ruth primarily take place in a town that we hear a lot about this time of year: Bethlehem. If you read the genealogy of Jesus you'll find Ruth mentioned very near to the beginning. (Matthew 1:5). Additionally we'll see so many wonderful themes of Christmas in the events of this small book. 

  • Light in the darkness 
  • Hope for the hopeless
  • Outsiders invited in to celebrate the goodness of God 
  • The provision and providence of God 

We hope you will join us this Christmas season as we look at the Book of Ruth. 

Why "Fields of Hope"? 

Ruth is a book that begins in darkness and loss and then quickly turns to hope! Throughout the book we constantly reminded that God is the one who gives us hope! 

Much of the book of Ruth revolves around fields. Elimelech and his family leave because of empty fields. When Naomi and Ruth return, the fields are full. Ruth feeds herself and Naomi by working in the fields. It's in the fields that Boaz sees Ruth, meets Ruth, and first prays for Ruth. It's at a threshing floor (where the harvest from the fields was processed) that Ruth and Boaz plan their marriage.