Summer in the Psalms

Published on Jun 2nd, 2016 by collegeparkcc | 0
Summer in the Psalms: Beginning June 5th.  (Click to read more)

Music is far more than simple entertainment. Music has the power to influence and transform our emotions. Music has the power to teach us. instruct us, and cause us to remember. A simple example of this is found in the fact that most of us learned our ABC’s through a song. Music can also move us to action. Music is tremendously important and incredibly influential in our lives (regardless of whether we realize this fact).


The Book of Psalms is a collection of poems and music. It has served as the primary hymnbook for God’s people. Did you know that the New Testament quotes the book of Psalms more than any other book of the Old Testament? Additionally, in Jesus’ ministry he references the Psalms more than any other Old Testament book.


We will be spending this summer in the Psalms. This is a journey that will encourage, refresh, strengthen, and teach us! We would like to encourage to read the book of Psalms throughout the summer. Here is a reading plan to help you do exactly that!

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